Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Investing in nanotechnology today

I was initially drawn to nanotechnology in the late 1980s because the ideas were so interesting, but now there's money involved too. Let's see what's going on with that.

Nanovip is a database of businesses involved in nanotechnology, organized by industry. There is information about funding, software, MEMS, tools and instruments, and nanotube suppliers.

There is another nanotech business portal at It's nice that their research section is about scientific and technological research, and separate from their financial section. One of the regular columnists there seems to think we're in the midst of a sea change. They've even got a blog.

There's another blog by Steve Forbes and Josh Wolfe that frequently touches on topics of nanotechnology and investing.

Another interesting site is There I learned that there are now venture capitalists who specialize in nanotechnology. Merrill Lynch has a nanotech index.

The ventures described are working with the technology available today. From the perspective of the longer-term outlook described in other postings, these efforts will seem as primitive as a blacksmith's work seems today. Their range of uses will be quite limited compared to what else will then be available.

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